Following Summer Jam on Sunday (June 1), Top Dawg Entertainment rapper Ab-Soul appeared on Hot 97’s Real Late With Rosenberg to discuss his upcoming album These Days…, his vision/light sensitivity problems and a host of other topics.

While speaking on These Days…, Ab-Soul revealed that the album will be a “Top Dawg party” and will include production from Soundwave, Tae Beast, Skyhe Hutch and other beatsmiths.

Prior to revealing the names of those whose beats will be featured on These Days…, the Carson, California lyricist expressed his eagerness at getting back in the game with his upcoming LP.



“Well, I mean, not only has it been quite some time. It’s been about two years,” Ab-Soul said. “I’m a fan of the culture. I just wanna add to that. I wanna take this thing further than it can—Take it as far as it can go…As much as I’m a fan, I want to be the best too. So, it’s kinda—It evens out for me. It’s all good.

“Know for sure that it’s a Top Dawg party,” he added. “It’s definitely a Top Dawg party. I got all the homies from the camp…I definitely got my home team with me. My guy Soundwave, Tae Beast, Skyhe Hutch, Tommy Black, but it’s a few little special guests on there. I don’t know if we—I might have to come back and holla. I might have to come bring them.”

Ab-Soul later detailed his vision and light sensitivity problems. He says those issues are the reason why he frequently wears shades, and that he is currently in need of a corneal transplant.



The rapper later added that his other senses have become stronger due to his vision issues.

“The biggest thing is light sensitivity,” Ab-Soul said. “That’s why I always wear shades. Right, the brightness is probably kept best down. I had a good nine, ten years to see it for real. I kinda remember that a bit. A lot of great things happened in that time. You know what I’m saying? I did some great things in that time…I hear and memorize. I gotta kinda memorize my steps in a sense. Cause—it’s crazy.”

Ab-Soul’s These Days… album is currently scheduled for release on June 24.

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