Despite having a studio album, which is set for release next month, Queens rapper 50 Cent recently made headlines for something other than his music. Earlier this month, 50 Cent was asked to throw the first pitch at a Mets game and ended up throwing the baseball “20 feet wide of home plate,” according to USA Today.

While appearing on “Good Morning America” this week, 50 Cent says he received criticism for the pitch he says “slipped” from an unexpected source. He also added that he’ll be back at City Field on June 14 for a show and has no plans on throwing the first pitch.

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“You know, I actually got pulled over by New York City police,” he said during his television appearance. “They pulled me over in my car. And they was like—He said, he pulled me over, I said ‘I got my license, right.’ Cause I was a little nervous as soon as he pulled me over. I was like ‘Aw, what did I do?’ And then he said ‘You know that pitch was terrible.’ He didn’t give me no ticket, no nothing. He said ‘Just go ‘head. Just go ‘head. I don’t wanna mess up your day. I’m just saying you made me laugh’…It slipped…I’ll be back on the mound though. Performing in City Field on June 14…I’m not a professional pitcher. I make music.”

With Animal Ambitiondue out in a matter of days, 50 Cent also took some time to speak on his fifth studio album.

“I have to create a concept to start to write it,” he said. “Cause I had a lot of things change in my life since the first album. And with this project I chose prosperity because of the success that I’ve had in my career. And it’s a lot of different portions conceptually that you could use. Like it’s envy and jealousy connected to it. So, it’s the darker side of prosperity. And then you have people that develop a sense of entitlement at points. And you want to get all that energy across because I’ve experienced all of those things in that period of time.”

Animal Ambition is slated for release on June 3, days after 50 Cent’s scheduled performance at this year’s Summer Jam music festival.

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