Following various run-ins with the law, Maybach Music Group artist Gunplay says he’s now “staying out of trouble.” The Floridian emcee recently spoke with Mikey T The Movie Star about his lifestyle change and almost having his freedom taken away.

“Just staying out the way, man. Just staying out of trouble,” Gunplay said. “Out the way. Staying home. Only moving when money calls. You know what I’m saying? Shows, et cetera. But other than that, dog, I’m just humble, man. When you get your freedom almost took from you it kinda does something to ya. And it’s a new charge and shit. So, I’m really, really, really chilling now.”

In addition to adopting a less hectic lifestyle, Gunplay says that he’s also come across a new fanbase. The rapper says his new fanbase is less familiar with the “selling crack,” “snorting coke” Gunplay and are more familiar with his wild side.

Gunplay also spoke on the tracks fans can expect on his upcoming album, Living Legend. Among the records he says will be featured on the album are one EDM track and another track, which features guest verses from Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

“I have a new fanbase,” he said. “So, I’m not trying to cater to them, but give em something that they’ll fuck with. You know what I’m saying? Cause my new fanbase—They know me for selling crack and snorting coke and busting guns and shit. You know? The hood know me for that. But my new fanbase, they wanna hear the crazy Gunplay, the wild Gunplay. They wanna hear that. So, I gave em a record called ‘Crazy’ featuring Young Dro. And of course for the stoners my nigga Wayne. Ross on there, ‘Kush.’ Got an EDM record on my album. Kinda EDM-ish. That’s gonna really be big. Shot the video with J.R. Saint. Shot that out there in the Mojave Desert…Just something different. I be bored with music and shit.”

Lastly, Gunplay addressed his past drug use and recalled being labeled “a crackhead” at the start of his music career.

“Can’t no nigga snort as much cocaine as me neither, muthafucka,” the rapper said. “They tried to ruin a nigga career early in the game. ‘You a crackhead mothafucka.’ But shit, man. I’m against all odds. Me against the world.”

Living Legend is currently slated for release later this year.

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