With his fellow Slaughterhouse member already planning a battle against Hollow Da Don, Joell Ortiz told Angryfans Radio yesterday that he’d consider battling himself, but that he would avoid any type of large promotional lead-up.

“If I do, I’ll just pop up,” he says. “I don’t wanna give none of them dudes time to prepare, so I’ll just call ’em out…If I do it, I ain’t announcing it months in advance, though. Niggas could write 150 bars, scribble, scrabble. Figure it out. If I call you out, let’s just do it. Let’s both go off the top.”

While on the show, Ortiz also spoke at length about Joe Budden’s battle against Hollow and named his own current favorite battlers. Read the whole story and listen to the interview at Battle Rap.