Nas is set to perform at Castle Lite’s Extra Cold Music Concert in Johannesburg, South Africa June 7, 2014. The rapper is scheduled to be joined on stage by The Hipster Orchestra, a chamber ensemble formed by Jingle Punks, according to a press release.

Nas‘ set is slated to include Illmatic cuts arranged by The Hipster Orchestra. 

Jingle Punks’ Jared Gutstadt discussed the upcoming performances. 

“It’s the 20-year anniversary of Illmatic, arguable one of the greatest Hip Hop albums recorded,” Gutstadt said, “and here was the perfect platform to connect with the Castle Lite consumer in a meaningful way.”

Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra performers are set to play with The Hipster Orchestra at this event. 

Castle Lite’s agency, OgilvyEntertainment, also addressed the performance with a statement.

“It was a natural fit for both the brand and their audience,” OgilvyEntertainment’s Doug Scott says. “Castle Lite has brought some of the biggest acts to South Africa, including Kanye West and Drake, and they are constantly looking to take it to the next level. With Grammy award winning super-producer Timbaland exclusively producing the event, we want to show concertgoers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. The Hipster Orchestra and Nas: that’s never happened before…It will be a memorable night.” 

Wiz Khalifa is also set to appear on the bill. 

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