Rhymesayers’ most recently announced signee, deM atlaS, also recently released “All We Got,” a cut that he’s described with the following statement:  

“This song regards my relationship with how I view myself and how I feel the world around me doesn’t seem to notice me therefore making my skin develop a callous disposition.”

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, atlaS, real name Joshua Evans, addressed why he feels the world doesn’t notice him. 

“Various situations in my life involving my relations with peers, my family, strangers and society have led me to feel that way,” deM atlaS says in an exclusive to HipHopDX. “Invisible really. If eyes could cut, I wouldn’t bleed. When I speak…the world doesn’t respond. When I stand, even if I’m in the way, they walk past me or through me. So eventually, one becomes used to feelings of neglect, not in a proud way, but a sort of, this is how the world is.” 

In the song, deM atlaS sings and raps, two artistic forms that he says give him different characteristics. 

“Probably the most moving thing to me is what they both have to offer; two worlds, two styles of music with the voice colliding together to create rich textures & dimension with the music, yet still being under the guise of Hip Hop,” he says. “To me, everything is Hip Hop. That’s what I appreciate so much about the culture and as an artform, the ability to express oneself amidst the many facets of music I listen to: the Gorillaz to Rakim, The Beatles to MF DOOM, Nirvana to the Pharcyde, Bob Dylan to Prince to Atmosphere and Doomtree.” 

In November, deM atlaS released his Charlie Brwn EPwhich is available for streaming on HipHopDX.

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