Dem Atlas, who was signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment recently, has his Charle Brwn EP available for streaming.  

Dem Atlas released a statement regarding the project via Soundcloud.

“This is my first project and with this EP, I am chronicling the life and times of our beloved, Charlie Brown,” Dem Atlas says in the statement.

The rapper also explained that Charlie Brown is important to him because he relates to the animated character.

“I feel like I relate to Charlie Brown because, he is a bit of a sad figure, yet reliant in the ways in which he fails time and time again, but continues to try and try again,” Atlas said.

Cartoons are an inspiration for Atlas, but he also has other points of influence.

“I am inspired by cartoons and animation, static on the radio, vinyl scratches, Nirvana & Hip Hop,” Atlas said. 

Atlas’ Charlie Brwn EP can be heard below. The EP includes six selections. 

The EP tracklisting can be found below, followed by the stream.

1. “A Happy Sad”

2. “Charlie Brown”

3. “F=rankln”

4. “Lucille”

5. “Chowdr”

6. “Fall Into Sleep (Endlessly)”  

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