In his latest interview with VladTV, Lord Jamar spoke at length about his view that many young men emasculate themselves after being prompted by a question about Young Thug. Initially criticizing Young Thug’s intersection of fashion choice and violent image, Lord Jamar went on to detail his perception of feminine attire in gangster culture.

“I’m not feeling him,” Jamar said of Young Thug. “I seen the nigga in a video where he came out and all his niggas got guns, they pulling out guns, but he got on some real womanly looking type shirt on…The more effeminate shit that you do, the more that you’re gonna have to do other shit to try to prove your manhood. These niggas will wear dresses and all this type of shit but now they pulling out guns and all this type of shit trying to prove that, ‘Yo, I don’t give a fuck if I got a dress on I’m still a hard nigga. Don’t front on niggas.’ Throwing up gang signs and all that type of shit. Where they do that at? I’ve known some real gangbanging motherfuckers in my life. I’m talking Cali gangbanging. I’ve never seen a gangbanger dude wearing a dress or no shit like that, throwing up signs and all of that. The more you effeminate yourself the more subconsciously you’re gonna wanna prove that you’re masculine.”

Asked about the prevalence of homosexuality in many jails, Lord Jamar offered his opinion that many men treat sentences like a stay in Las Vegas.

“Jail for a lot of niggas back in the day was like Vegas,” he said. “‘What happens in jail stays in jail.’ Which was not cool. Which was a weakness of mind. But a lot of these niggas they might fuck a nigga in the ass in jail but then when they come out they not fucking with niggas. They was only doing it ‘cause they was locked up and they was savages and couldn’t resist the sexual urge to not fuck nothing and went ahead and fell victim to fucking a nigga in the ass but when they get out in the world they back fucking with girls and they not doing that at all. They’re damn sure not running around—even if they caught this nigga in a dress somewhere privately, it’s not like he coming out on the set. He’s not coming out on the set with a fucking dress on. Even if these niggas did this shit in private on the low, they not coming out like that in public type of shit.

“I’m not saying this nigga Young Thug is gay,” he added. “I don’t know his sexual preference. What I’m saying is by emasculating yourself, that psychologically makes you want to prove your masculinity. Now when you get in a beef with a motherfucker, instead of being able to handle it in a more calm, collected way, a truly manly way where you don’t have to fly off the handle, you might be more apt to pull out your gun now and try to shoot a nigga to prove something to a motherfucker. To prove that you a real man. Because psychologically they looking at you in a certain kind of way. You know they looking at you in that way. You want to prove, ‘Nigga I don’t give a fuck. I know you see me with this dress on but I’m still a hard nigga. I’ll still pop your motherfucking ass.’ That actually helps lead to the bigger problems that exist within our society. Murder and shit like that. It’s these emasculated young boys who don’t have no father figure in the hood. Sometimes oppressed by their mothers. Who now go out here and disrespect women. Try to prove their manhood. Out here running around having mad babies with different girls, not taking care of them, thinking they’re being a man. All because they were emasculated in the beginning. This shit affects everyone. It affects us. What another man wears does affect you. It affects his mind and what he does in society. It affects what happens in society and what happens in society is gonna affect you either directly or indirectly.”

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