In a new interview with Battle Rap, King of the Dot’s Organik commented on the recent influx of Battle Rap league startups. 

“[It’s] not that there’s too many leagues, just too many leagues fighting for the same pot,” he said. “I don’t think it benefits these bigger name battlers to go battle on these leagues that only have 600 subscribers on their YouTube channel. That’s why these leagues are paying these rappers that because your name is bringing that league exposure, not the league bringing that name exposure.”

Later in the interview, the battler and industry promoter spoke specifically about credibility-building as a function of organic growth.

“That’s what’s happening in this stuff,” he said. “A lot of leagues are coming in and they’re just trying to throw money around to get that credibility. That credibility should come from showing that you care about Battle Rap the same way we did when no one looked at it, when no one cared for it. We were out trying to push it and show people, ‘Yo, this is interesting. Check this out…We have a way to get your name out a little further.’ These leagues ain’t really trying to do that. They’re just trying to find who’s hot and put them on in their spot and say, ‘Hey, I got these two guys to battle.’ That don’t take much to do. It just takes money.”

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