After claiming that he “elevated from” from Battle Rap and dispelling any possibility of returning to battling in April, Cassidy sat down with VladTV and hinted that if the payout was large enough and his opponent was properly matched he would consider the return.

“That shit is a business,” he said. “Now back in the day, before it was a business, before I was making money, that’s what I was doing all the time ‘cause that’s where I was at in the game. But now everything I do I get paid for. I’m not gonna go battle some nigga and fuck with this permanent money that I’m gonna be able to get forever to just please a couple niggas. That shit gon’ have to make perfect sense. The nigga I battle gotta be a perfect nigga so after I do it—I know the outcome, what it’s gonna be. He gon’ get destroyed. But after I destroy him, I’ll be able to bring shit to the table for Mayhem Music, my family, my team and not just no 30 [or] 40 grand. That shit ain’t about nothing. That shit ain’t about nothing.”

Earlier this month, Joe Budden commented on Cassidy’s April comments and told the Angry Fan Radio Show that the Philadelphia rapper “is not getting paid Loaded Lux money right now from anywhere.”

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