While praising Juicy J, Katy Perry recently referred to Drake as soft. Following this, Juicy J was asked to comment on the matter.  

“I think everybody loves everybody,” Juicy J says in an interview with REVOLT. “I think everything is cool…I think a lot of people take comments and they try to switch them all up in certain kind of ways, but Katy, she loves Drake, Drake is a cool guy. Everybody’s cool, man.” 

During this interview, Juicy also addresses the media’s role in coverage of the Katy Perry comment. 

“It’s a lot going on that [the media] could be talking about, but they only want to do the stupid ignorant stuff that don’t even make sense,” Juicy says.

In her interview, Katy Perry said the following regarding Juicy J and Drake

“He’s such a sweet, genuine guy. [He’s] an amazing hard worker,” Katy Perry said of J. “I’ve worked with a lot of people that I’ve done little pieces on songs and not that they’ve got ego, but Juicy’s the kindest. He’s like the most kindest, sympathetic, sweet—I don’t wanna make him out like to be softer than Drake…I love Drake. He’s like my secret diary.” 

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