While praising fellow “Dark Horse” collaborator Juicy J, pop star Katy Perry went on to diss Canadian emcee/singer Drake in the process. Perry doted on Juicy J during a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, calling the Three 6 Mafia a hard worker and a sweet person.

As the songstress applauded Juicy J for his genial qualities, she informed those listening that she didn’t want to make it seem that the rapper was “softer than Drake.”

Following Katy Perry’s Drake diss, she then expressed her admiration for the Young Money musician.

“He’s such a sweet, genuine guy. [He’s] an amazing hard worker,” Katy Perry said when asked about Juicy J. “I’ve worked with a lot of people that I’ve done little pieces on songs and not that they’ve got ego, but Juicy’s the kindest. He’s like the most kindest, sympathetic, sweet—I don’t wanna make him out like to be softer than Drake…I love Drake. He’s like my secret diary.”

The singer later expressed her surprise at the acceptance “Dark Horse” has received from non-pop audiences.

“Yeah, I’m really surprised to both,” she said. “And I’m actually really surprised in general that I’m even still here. I’m like ‘What’s going on? You guys still believe me? Am I manipulating everyone?’ I mean, I don’t know. But honestly, we never really planned on ‘Dark Horse’ being a single and it just became a literal dark horse.”

In a past interview, Juicy J spoke on his work with Katy Perry on “Dark Horse” and the singer’s request that he revise a few of his bars on the song.

“I did my verse in the studio, and then [Dr. Luke] called me,” Juicy J said in an interview with Billboard in January. “[He] said, ‘Hey man, she wants you to change up a couple bars, so she wants to meet you in the studio.’ So I jumped in my car, drove fast as I could to get to the studio. I got to the studio before she came. I fixed up all the bars, she came in, [and] she loved it. The rest is history. She’s super professional. She’s a genius.”

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