Juicy J says Katy Perry asked him to change the lyrics to his original verse on their Dr. Luke-produced collaboration “Dark Horse,” which the duo performed at this year’s Grammy Awards.  

“I did my verse in the studio, and then [Dr. Luke] called me,” Juicy J said in an interview with Billboard. “[He] said, ‘Hey man, she wants you to change up a couple bars, so she wants to meet you in the studio.’ So I jumped in my car, drove fast as I could to get to the studio. I got to the studio before she came. I fixed up all the bars, she came in, [and] she loved it. The rest is history. She’s super professional. She’s a genius.”

Juicy J also announced that the pair worked on a music video for the selection. 

“It’s a movie,” Juicy J said. “It’s a major motion picture. I can’t really tell you because it’s definitely going to be a surprise, but I’ll tell you this much right here: you’ve seen her other videos, this one’s gonna be just as big. Everything she does is like grade A.”

The Juicy J and Katy Perry performance of “Dark Horse” can be viewed here

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