With Lil Boosie’s release date now nearly two months in the rearview, the Atlantic Records signee recently spoke with VladTV about the motivation to get his GED while behind bars.

“I got my GED in prison. I got about eight or nine certificates in prison,” he initially said.

When asked about the inspiration behind the decision, Boosie said it was “really to be a positive influence on my kids.”

“I’m always on my kids so hard about staying in school and getting their education and I ain’t got a GED,” he said. “I wanted to do that for my kids and for my momma. I’ve been putting my momma through so much since I was small. It seemed like when I got my GED that was one of the most happiest moments. I never saw her more happy. [More] than when  I got famous. Me getting my GED she cried. She had tears in her eyes. So basically I did it for my kids—to lead by example—and for my mother. “

Describing the hardest part of his prison stay, Lil Boosie described missing his family and using music as an outlet for his anger.

“Missing my family,” he said. “That was the most important thing…Being away from my kids. Being away from my mother. That was the most important thing. I missed the music and all that stuff too but that couldn’t come close to being with the people you love. Your kids come and see you and you can’t leave with them. That was the hardest thing, being away from my family.

“All I did was write music,” he later said. “That’s how I would vent. When I would get angry I would just write music. All during the day I would write music. All during the night I would just write music and zone out.”

Asked to clarify his claims of having written as many as a thousand songs while in jail, Boosie said he has “three verses” for “every song. “Any beat somebody put on I got a song for it,” he later added. “That’s crazy.

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