With a confirmed battle with Hollow Da Don in the books, Joe Budden spoke with The Angry Fans Radio Show about the match-up. During the interview, Budden responded to Cassidy’s recent claims that he is above a return to battling

“What other guys gonna do it?” Joe Budden said of his own decision to step in the ring. “They all gonna take the scapegoat like Cassidy just took in his interview.

“Cassidy is saying he wouldn’t do it because he feels like it would be a step backwards,” he continued. “That’s bullshit. You have to be able to recognize bullshit when you see it. Cassidy is not getting paid Loaded Lux money right now from anywhere. I’m just talking logic. This is no offense to Cassidy. No disrespect to him and his ability. But you not getting $50,000 from anywhere. So why would you not take advantage of your ability in a culture that applauds lyricist? Why would a JR Writer not wanna do this? Why would a Fred the Godson now wanna do this? I could name plenty of people that maybe got gobbled up in the mainstream machine of labels and politics that thanks to SMACK and Norbes and UW and King of the Dot and all the leagues that have been here before Total Slaughter have now opened an avenue for.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Joe Budden Spoke about his view that mainstream rappers should continue battling and detailed additional views on his upcoming match-up against Hollow Da Don. Read the full story on Battle Rap