New York rapper R.A. The Rugged Man took time to address both reality shows and sex tapes during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV. Both topics were brought up as the wordsmith was questioned about “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Mimi Faust and the release of her sex tape with another cast member.

While speaking on reality shows, specifically those that capitalize on Hip Hop, R.A. addressed the exploitative nature of such shows. He also revealed that he typically avoids watching reality shows and major media networks in general.

“It’s like Hip Hop exploitations,” R.A. said. “Like ‘Aye look, somebody is acting like an asshole in Hip Hop. Ha ha ha’…Some of the guys is making their money and doing their thing, but like it’s a corporation taking the culture and making dudes look like on some buffoonery shit. People do what they gotta do, but it’s not—I don’t watch it. I don’t even watch cable. I try to stay away from that stuff, man. I try to stay away from the media networks.”

R.A. later spoke on his own sex tapes, which he says he started making when he was a teenager. He added that a handful of them even made their way to his record labels.

“I don’t see too many celebrity sex tapes,” he said. “I made enough sex tapes of my own. I’ve been making sex tapes since I was 15-years-old…It was before the internet so I got lucky, but a couple of them floated around for a second. And made their way to record labels. I’m surprised none of them popped back up.”

To conclude his talk on sex tapes, R.A. recalled the time he was approached about a sex tape by someone’s father. Rather than have them destroy the tape, he lied to the girl’s father and told them that he recorded over the tape and then gave them a copy of Wayne’s World to destroy instead.

“The girl was a good looking girl too. And then her father came to my house for the tape once,” the rapper said. “Yeah, it was crazy. He just got out of jail. And he was like ‘I want the tape.’ And I’m like ‘Who is this guy? Oh shit, I recognize him from the picture.’ And then the mother said ‘R.A.’ So, I said ‘Okay, okay. Yeah, I got the tape. I got the tape. Come upstairs.’ And I said ‘Yo, I’mma tell you the truth.’ Cause the mother was down[stairs]. I said to the father ‘I don’t got the tape. I taped over that.’ Which I didn’t of, course. So, he said ‘Well, give me something. Give me some kind of tape, you know. Something to break in front of her.’”

In addition to his commentary on reality shows, R.A. The Rugged Man recently provided his thoughts on rocker Gene Simmons’ comments about Hip Hop acts in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. R.A. offered a few choice words for Simmons via Twitter last month and also posted this message on his Facebook page:

“RUN DMC’s biggest records had live Rock guitars and rock instrumentation on them. They also put Aerosmith back on the map. And Run DMC’s mix of the two genre’s unquestionably influenced future rockers like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Korn, etc. Any one saying they dont belong are just clueless and ignorant.”

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