In the second segment of a VladTV interview, SMACK/URL league co-manager Norbes challenged all of Slaughterhouse to a group battle against his team of URL battlers. 

After claiming that Joe Budden has little chance of a victory in an upcoming battle against Hollow Da Don, Norbes called the group out directly. 

“I’m gonna make a call out,” he said. “If their four wanna do it against my top four at Summer Madness—‘cause this is where it counts, on SMACK—I’ll take the four that we pick and it really is gonna be a slaughterhouse…Before anybody thinking I’m hating or whatever, I respect what them niggas do. I’m a fan of their music. But if their four members would come to SMACK and I grab my four guys—I’m gonna repeat this shit—it is really going to be a slaughterhouse.”

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