Granting an exclusive interview to Stupid Dope, Tech N9ne explained the motivation behind his upcoming Strangeulation release and the making of his recent “Fragile” single with Kendrick Lamar.

“Something’s always happening in Tech N9ne’s life whether it be happy, whether it be sad, whether it be madness,” he said. “I’m always living it so I’m always writing. The influence behind Strangeulation is off of strangulation you know. Having the industry in a choke-hold after they hear this music. Nobody will be able to say nothing. Just all the way choked up. MURS to MayDay! to Stevie Stone to Ces Cru to Tech N9ne to Krizz Kaliko to Kutt Calhoun to Jay Rock.”

Announced earlier this month, Strangeulation will serve as the Strange Music debut for recent signee MURS. The 21-song album is scheduled to feature Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Wrekonize, and more.

Speaking about his career as an independent rapper, Tech detailed wanting to use a different measure for his success than many in the industry.

“That’s the main objective right there to me, taking care of your loved ones and making sure they’re good,” he said. “I can say that my kids are so I’m successful in leading them in the right direction. That’s what I think success is. I don’t think it’s measured by the Mercedes I drive or the house that I’m in. It has something to do with our children. Leading them in the right direction.”

“I chose to go independent because I was with a major labels in the past,” he added. “I don’t have to conform or be a clone for anybody for any amount of money. I get to do me when I want to do it and I would have it no other way. It’s Rock, it’s Rap, it’s ‘I don’t know what it is.’ It’s everything. It’s Strange Music.”

Broaching the subject of his recent hit with Kendrick Lamar, Tech described his pleasure at seeing that particular song climb the charts.

“The inspiration behind ‘Fragile?’ Somebody said something sideways,” he said. “Thank God for them sparking me because that beautiful song came out. I had no idea it was gonna be a radio hit or anything. I didn’t make it for the radio. When they came to me and told me I needed to shorten it I threw a fit because that’s my music. I’m like, ‘I will never do that just to play on the radio. I’m sorry I didn’t make it for radio.’

“After I did that verse, it was an elite verse, I needed another elite artist,” he continued. “Kendrick Lamar is that. He was perfect for it. And Kendal Morgan’s angelic voice just brought it all together. Collectively it’s a beautiful song. I’m glad that that’s the one that’s playing because it’s a victory. It’s a middle-finger to the journalist that don’t really listen and live with the music before they make a statement.”

“The state of Hip Hop right now I love it because it’s still working,” Tech N9ne said towards the end of the interview. “It’s still growing. Thank God that Tech N9ne is still on the incline after all these years. Thank the Lord for Hip Hop. It saved my life.”

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