DJ Mustard reflects on his string of Billboard chart successes. In an interview with HardknockTV’s Nick Huff [April 11], the Los Angeles, California-native says that he recently learned that he has eight songs on the Billboard Hot 100. He also says that every award show should select him as Producer Of The Year.

“I just read that shit,” Mustard says. “We got eight [songs on Billboard’s Hot 100] now. We’re 8% of your Hot 100. I’m trying to be 10%. I need Producer Of The Year for every award show. Every one. All of them. I think I deserve it. I had an epiphany right now.”

DJ Mustard Discusses Kendrick Lamar’s Next Album

The “Show Me”-producer also details the progress of his expected collaboration with Kendrick Lamar. Though he says the track—which is expected to be included on Lamar’s next album—has yet be created, Mustard guarantees that the song will be “greatness.”

“[Kendrick] told me he wants me to yell on some shit,” he says. “You know how I been doing that Fat Man Scoop shit? It’s coming. Nobody wants to do that anymore. Nobody wants to have fun. Everyone always wants to be all serious and shit. I’m trying to turn up. I’m trying to have a party. That’s what I want to do. I don’t know what the outcome of that’s gonna be but I know it’s gonna be greatness…I know me and Terrace Martin were working on some shit for him, but we didn’t do it yet. It’s gonna come. It’s gonna be hard.”

DJ Mustard also questions why Hip Hop deejays feel that the only way to play big festivals is to switch to Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

“I feel like they don’t have to do that,” he says. “I feel like it’s cool because I want to do EDM, too. I think that’s dope, but why can’t a Hip Hop deejay do that? I can. I know it’s possible because I just did it. I just did the Raybans thing, South By Southwest. I’m doing a Brisk Bodega tour. I feel like that’s by being a Hip Hop deejay. I don’t do any EDM records right now. That’s all by being a Hip Hop deejay. Why can’t we do [big festivals]? We can. I just feel like they’re so quick to jump to EDM, they don’t think that we can play our own music. I did a show with my nigga Young Chop before. He don’t even deejay! But he can do a show.

“I feel like if people start pressing that line hat we can do whatever we want to do, there will be more influence,” Mustard continues. But they just be like, ‘Oh, we can’t get shows like them because they do EDM.’ No. You can bring out the same amount of people. A lot of people like Hip Hop. Everybody don’t just like EDM. Make your Hip Hop build up like the EDM. That’s no respect for EDM. I got a lot of homies that [are EDM deejays]. Diplo. I met Skrillex before. Cashmere Cat—that’s the homie. Disclosure—they hard as fuck. I went to the Horror Fest. That shit changed my life, but it also made me feel like you could just be a Hip Hop deejay and do that, too. I’m actually playing the Horror Fest this year and I’m playing all Hip Hop.”

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