Trick Daddy was arrested yesterday (April 3) on cocaine and gun charges, according to Billboard.

The Miami rapper had cocaine and a gun in his residence. 

He was charged with possession of cocaine and possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon, as well as driving with a suspended license. 

Trick Daddy was released on $6,100 bond, the story says. 

He was stopped by the Broward County Drug Task Force on what is called a “sniff warrant,” according to The Task Force had a warrant to search his home and stopped Trick Daddy outside his house as he was getting into his car. 

Trick Daddy has a history of drug and gun-related arrests.

In February 2003, the Florida rapper was arrested on gun charges following an argument at a basketball game. He was arrested in September 2003 when he was found to be carrying cocaine and marijuana. 

In 1991, Trick Daddy was convicted of cocaine possession, carrying a concealed weapon and violating probation, the Billboard article says. 

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