As the CEO of Amalgam Digital, Anyextee partnered with Joe Budden, Lil B, Max B and Curren$y. May will see the former DJ take an artistic turn, as he releases his Executive Decisions album. Anyextee has taken interest in the field of Cymatics—the subject was originally brought to national prominence by Dr. Hans Jenny in efforts to explore specific sound frequencies and tones.

Anyextee will be aided by !llmind, who serves as the executive producer of Executive Decisions. In addition to contributions from !llmind, MoSS, Lak Davinci, Premise, D1, Ron Alpha, RT Beats, Good Will, TGP Productions and VividEnd also notch production credits on the project.

Under the direction of Anyextee, Amalgam Digital saw Joe Budden’s 2009 album, Padded Room debut at the #42 spot on Billboard magazine’s “Top 200 Albums Chart.” Max B also called the label home before being convicted of manslaughter, aggravated assault, robbery, kidnapping, possession of a weapon and conspiracy in 2009.

Executive Decisions is scheduled for May 20 release via Amalgam Digital.

The Executive Decisions album art and tracklist are as follows:

1. “The Purpose & Power of This Poems Patterns”

2. “Power Point Presentation”

3. “Lord Is My Shepard”

4. “Cease & Desist”  

5. “Living The Transfiguration”

6. “Get Higher”

7. “Annunaki”

8. “Illumi-Not-Eye”

9. “SpinCycle”

10. “Anthems For The Proletariat”

11. “Woke Up In Vegas”

12. “Misfits”

13. “Mid Life Crisis”

14. “Details (Free MAX B)”

15. “Kymatica & Kava”

16. “The Light”

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