This saga isn’t quite over yet folks, R. Kelly is now suing Jay-Z to the tune of $75 million for “disrupting his efforts” throughout their “Best of Both World’s Tour.”

Via statement, Kelly accused Jay-Z and his affiliates of offenses including physical assault via pepper spray, breach of contract, deliberate sabotage by Jay-Z’s alleged lighting director. Even citing well-known associate Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith as the person who pepper-sprayed him at the MSG show this past Friday.

The suit was filed following the cancellation of the pair’s New York dates. Before the suit was filed R. Kelly told Angie Martinez that he thought Hov had nothing to do with it but since then has had a change of heart. Kelly also claims Jay shorted fans by prematurely leaving a date in Memphis on Oct. 17th to attend a party for Usher.

In the suit, Kelly seeks to get $15 million in damages in lost revenue from the tour cancellation and $60 million in punitive damages from Jay-Z, “Ty Ty” Smith and the promoter.