During a recent interview, !llmind was asked about producers who are overlooked or not given credit for beats. 

“I’m blessed to be able to say that it doesn’t happen to me anymore, but we’ve all gone through it,” !llmind says in an interview with DJ Booth. “I think a lot of it has to do with that, as a producer, you don’t have a real relationship with the artist you are creating with and that’s due to the fact that you’re e-mailing beats. The most important relationship you can curate with someone is directly with the artist. It’s not with the A&R, it’s not with their manager. You need to have a direct relationship, a working relationship with the artist you are working with. A lot of times, up-and-coming producers don’t get credit because the guys on the other side just don’t care. The artists don’t care. For all you know they don’t even know what your name is or probably forgot your name and the A&R’s working in-between are juggling a million things. You are probably not getting paid much money and if it’s a mixtape placement, you probably aren’t getting paid anything so you are left in the dark. You did the beat, but you’re still a stranger. They aren’t gonna go that extra mile to do you any favors because they simply don’t care about you. So that’s the difference between having a real, true working relationship with an artist as opposed to being a beat maker and e-mailing your shit out, getting a placement, and getting pissed off you didn’t get credit.” 

!llmind Details Technology’s Impact On Production

!llmind, who has worked with several artists, including Slaughterhouse, says the future looks bright for producers.

“I think it’s headed in an awesome direction,” !llmind says of production. “I think technology has allowed us to do things we couldn’t do back in the day, as early as ten years ago. Technology is just so advanced now and things are sounding more realistic. Obviously, humans feel with human instruments and live instrumentation; you can’t duplicate that, but I think the advancements in technology are really helping us as producers. I think we all need to embrace that, be proud of that and continue to feed into it so it can grow more.” 

In December 2013, Crooked I spoke about !llmind’s contributions to the upcoming Slaughterhouse album.

“It’s a beautiful thing to have Just BlazeJ.U.S.T.I.C.E. LeagueIllmindCardiak and AraabMUZIK,” Crooked I said in an interview with HipHopDX. “To have those guys  come together and say, ‘Hey, let’s all form a Slaughterhouse of producers and work on this shit together. I might do the drums on this. You might do the keys on that. You might cut some samples from there and we just make this one big picture.”

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