When Hollow Da Don battled against Loaded Lux earlier this year as part of UW Battle League’s High Stakes event, many Battle Rap fans were excited about the match-up. Hollow Da Don was not. 

“Honestly, I wasn’t excited,” Hollow Da Don says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “It’s just another day in the office…[The] only reason I went harder is because of how everybody else looks at him. Everybody else really puts him on the pedestal.” 

Loaded Lux came dressed in Black Panther gear for his battle with Hollow Da Don, a theme Hollow Da Don discovered shortly before the battle took place. 

“I went out the back door and I went to the front door and I caught him,” Hollow says. “I’m pretty sure he wanted to shock me like he wanted to walk on stage and see my reaction, but I caught them while they was trying to do it. They took so long. I knew they was coming. Shout out to my nigga…He told me, ‘Yo, they doin’ something.’

“So when I see them, I was like, ‘Oh this nigga really taking it that far,'” Hollow adds. “But honestly, I really couldn’t connect nothing. I was just like, ‘How does this apply to me?’ You know what I’m saying? It’s not like I’m a White supremacist or a grand dragon. What the fuck? I just really didn’t know how it applied to me. Thats what really kind of threw me off about it.” 

Nevertheless, Hollow Da Don says he understood what Loaded Lux’s aim was.

“I knew his angle,” Hollow Da Don says. “He wanted to uplift the people, which is definitely cool, but it doesn’t apply to the battle. It didn’t really apply at all. It’s like if I brought out a kangaroo and went in his pouch and pulled a notepad out of the kangaroo’s pouch for my second round. [Fans] would’ve been like, ‘The notepad shit was hot. Don’t rush your delivery, but why’d you have to take it out the kangaroo pouch?’ You know what I’m saying? It just doesn’t add up. I appreciated what he did. That’s why my first round was like, ‘I feel you on your black panther shit.’ I’m not mad at that, if it was just like he was doing it for a speech, but we did a Battle Rap, bro. You gotta apply that.” 

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