Answering questions about The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac on VladTV, Memphis Bleek explained having met family members of the All Eyez On Me rapper.

“Nah I never met him,” Bleek said. “I wish I would have met him. I met his sister, I met his Mom, I never met him though.”

Declining to make any final judgments between the rappers, Memphis Bleek pointed out their differently sized discographies as a hurdle to any comparisons. “Like I said, you can’t do that to Biggie. Biggie didn’t have as much material as these other artists,” Bleek said. “Remember, Pac got about forty albums my nigga, Biggie has two. So it’s unfair to compare them to each other. I could say this on another level like—matter of fact, I’m not even gonna say this ‘cause people take things the wrong way nowadays so I don’t wanna say nothing. Like I said, it’s not enough compare the two. That’s just it. We gon’ leave it at that.”

Pressed with the question, the 534 rapper appealed to international recognition as an aspect often left out of the conversation. “You can’t compare’em man, I’m not gon’ be the one to compare them,” he said. “You could ask somebody else, in my eyes they both great. I hold them both to the same standard. Put it like this, that’s people locally telling you, ‘Yo, he better,’ [or] ‘he better.’ Tell them niggas get off a plane in Dubai and tell me what artists they singing man. They singing both of them, so who better? Don’t tell me who made it in Manhattan, tell me who made it around the world.”

Returning to the question of Tupac’s discography, Bleek named several of the rapper’s albums released before his death before a general comment on his cultural significance. “Just off the fact I even said ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby,’ name me any other artist making a record like that. Besides like artists like [Dead Prez] that you wasn’t even thinking about.”

Responding to a comment about Tupac dissing Jay Z, Bleek referenced the title of the rapper’s third album. “Yeah, uh huh. Who didn’t Pac go at?” he said. “Pac went at everybody, you heard him, Me Against The World nigga.”

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