In a post-battle interview with Dirtbag Dan, Charron and The Saurus broke down their recent King Of The Dot matchup.

Charron, who criticized BET for excluding him from last year’s BET Hip Hop Award’s Cypher despite a prior agreement, lost the coin-toss to The Saurus and rapped first.

“It was a great battle and I’m happy because The Saurus did beat me before [in] one of my first freestyle battles I ever lost, I think it was like the second battle I’ve ever lost freestyle battling,” Charron said. “The Saurus served me, you know, that’s where he specialized in the on-beat and freestyles. He served me and I learned a lot from that. I definitely had a plan to get some revenge in this battle. Obviously no one got killed in this battle. There was no 3-0. The Saurus said that before. We both respect each other enough that I don’t think any of us will get 3-0’ed. I think I took this 2-1 in my opinion.”

The Saurus, who admitted to slipping up early in the match-up, described deciding which verse to deliver on the fly. “Here was the problem,” he said, “I was like, ‘I don’t know which round I’m using for my first and which I’m using for my second yet. It’s gonna be based on what he does.’ Then he rapped, and I was like, ‘Well I have to rebuttal these two things first,’ and then I was like, ‘I should have probably picked a round to commit to at this point.’ Thankfully the slip-up was like second bar, and I was fucking seamless after that, but I definitely spot him round one. His round one was fucking great anyway, I would have a problem beating that round regardless.”

Charron, who seemed to reference The Saurus’ third round in his 2-1 evaluation, described his reaction to his opponents’ reportedly full-round BET-related diss. “I was laughing the whole way through,” Charron said. “And you know as a battler, when you go first and your third round is done and they’re going, you actually get to appreciate the round so much more. Especially for me ‘cause I’m thinking of flips like a robot the whole time. I really enjoyed his third round, I thought he did an excellent job at it. He had the n-word line. He had a lot of other lines that I thought was hilarious.

“That’s what I miss about battle rap, it was kind of like the old 2009 era where you could do a whole round about Ness Lee’s house burning down,” Charron said. “A whole round about The Saurus’ face, you could have a whole round about a double-time flip. I’m afraid to utilize that to be honest. I feel like battle rap minds these days—for the fans, they want fast-paced bar, bar, bar, bar and their attention span isn’t there yet. I’m afraid to do angles like that and I thought The Saurus executed it well, props for that.”

The Saurus seemed to agree he’d taken the last round with the second round as the most debatable. “That was the third the whole way,” he said. “The first two it was all about which was gonna be first and which was gonna be second…It’s all gonna pretty much I think come down who majority feels won the second. I think it’s safe to say he took the first, I took the third. The second just comes down to a preference thing. He did have a lot of bars in the second, though. But, fuck him.”


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