Clyde Carson released his latest EP, Playboy, on Tuesday (March 4). The 10-track release features production from DJ Mustard, D Nice of League Of Starz, Dez Dynamic and Shonuff. Guest appearances include D-Lo, August Alsina and Master P.

Clyde Carson explains during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX that Silkk The Shocker was instrumental in securing Playboy’s Master P feature on “Miles Away.” He also discusses the No Limit Records’ CEO’s reputation in California’s Bay Area.

“It was huge for me because I just remember him representing Richmond, California back in the day when I was young before I even knew he was from [New Orleans, Louisiana],” Carson says. “For me, seeing Master P pop off, being able to actually get him on a song and talk about those days [was special]. I’m talking to him about different people I knew from Richmond that knew him and that used to roll with him. That was a good experience. Then he laid the verse like he’s a real rapper. And he gassed it. He kicked his feet on it and wrote it and laid it like it was nothing. I was like, ‘This niggas a real rapper. He still got it. No one came in here and wrote it for him. He ain’t on no bullshit. He did it.’ It was dope. It was refreshing.

“Silkk was the man, too,” he continues. “I just remember running into bitches that said they used to fuck with Silkk. He was the pretty boy who had the broads.”

Carson also reflected on his early experiences listening to Master P and Silkk The Shocker. “I remember specifically being in class like, ‘They don’t even be spitting,’” he says. “But we was loving it like, ‘Nigga, that shit hard, though!’ Big fan since back in the day and I was always happy to see them pop off.”     

Clyde Carson’s Playboy is available for stream at

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