50 Cent has gone a different direction than many of his hip-hop counterparts and has decided that instead of investing in energy drinks and liquor he has chosen to invest in water. 50 has opted to put his money into the water company Glaceau, the company that owns the Vitamin Water drink. Since the rapper doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages it seems like the appropriate move.

According to sources, 50 Cent will release his own line of drinks, a grape-flavored beverage called Formula 50. The drink will retail for 1.99 and even though it hasn’t been officially released it is being tested in a few New York stores.

In the meanwhile, the rapper is still preparing his follow up to his multi-platinum debut Get Rich Or Die Trying. The album was supposed to be released this past summer but his initial recording was reportedly scrapped due to 50 not feeling that it was up to par with his debut.