Charli Baltimore, a rapper featured in Billboard’s Ladies First article profiling women who have had an impact in Rap, recently discussed an unrealized group that was set to feature several prominent names in Hip Hop while also discussing her bond with The Notorious B.I.G

“I met [B.I.G.] at a show,” Baltimore says. “I wanted a picture of him and he wanted a picture of me. We were out there taking pictures of each other. [Laughs] It was a while before I was siting there writing rhymes and he was critiquing me. We were in the works to start a group called The Commission with myself, him, Puff [Daddy] and Jay Z, but we weren’t able to have anything come from that because of B.I.G.’s death.” 

During the interview, Charli Baltimore also details her fight against rumors that she has rhymes ghostwritten by others. 

“Irv [Gotti] didn’t believe I wrote my rhymes, which put another battery on my back,” Baltimore says. “It’s an insult and compliment. He thought Cam’ron was writing my rhymes. I had to go through bootcamp where he’d lock me in the studio for 48 hours recording and he wanted to make sure I wrote my rhymes.” 

In 2011, Charli baltimore spoke with HipHopDX about accusations of ghostwriting.

“I never had any [songs] ghostwritten by Jay Z,” she said at the time. “I do all my own writing. But actually, ‘Money’ was written by Lox. And that was because I had just gotten my deal and the person running the label at the time, [Lance ‘Un’ Rivera], just thought that my first single should be written by someone else. But they wrote that and then after that I never had anybody else write anything for me. I write all of my stuff.”

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