Detroit Hip Hop artist Big Sean recently spoke with RealTalkNY about his Aura Gold fashion line, being engaged, and the possibility of releasing new music in 2014.

Referencing his “1st Quarter” freestyle while speaking on the possibility of new music, Sean said fans can expect a “2nd Quarter” track shortly. “We in the studio everyday, you gon’ hear Big Sean a lot,” he said. “Basically we setting the tone this year, I’m working on my new album, I ain’t ready to put the name out or nothing yet. We got a lot of great tracks. And ‘1st Quarter’ set the tone for a lot of it. You gon’ get that ‘2nd Quarter,’ you might get more and more things. New singles, new album, all that, this year.”

Speaking with RealTalkNY at a showcase for his Spring collection, Big Sean explained the motivation behind creating his own line of clothing in the first place. “I was just telling this story today and it really put it all in perspective,” he said. “When I was twenty years old I was sitting  at the table with Kanye [West], Migo, Nerve, Verbal of the Teriyaki Boyz, like I said, the people who design Bape. So that’s a situation that motherfuckers would kill to be in. I was there as a young G, not just because they believed in my spit or my ability to rap, but they also was like, ‘This kid fresh, he got talent.’ I feel like, in that moment of time, if I didn’t have something that I was doing on my own, like this, like Aura Gold, something that just look good, something that’s just fresh. I feel like that would have been like a waste of my fucking time. People could take [it] lightly now if they want, they could think it’s just a rapper’s line of clothing, but it’s way deeper than that. We got a lot of great designers, a lot of people who done it for a long time and the experience and knowledge I’ve soaked up from being around the world all shows in the clothes. It is something of way better quality than you’d imagine, so I’m excited about a lot of tastemakers gravitating towards it. We got a lot of 3M shit, a lot of just cool digital camo shit. Just good ass clothes [that] I’m just really excited about.”

During the interview, Sean also described the origins of his brand’s name, Aura Gold. “The way I was raised, my mom was always talking, growing up, about my aura,” he said. “‘It’s in your aura. Your aura shine bright.’ And it just made sense, it was just something that, you know, when you’re a little kid, it just get instilled in your head: aura. And she would always say, ‘Your aura is the golden light around you,’ so it just made sense, Aura Gold. And when I thought about it, and wanted to start my own legacy and start my own clothes or whatever, I didn’t want it to be ‘Finally Famous,’ I didn’t want it to be what I be saying on the rap shit, I wanted it to be something different. That’s the first thing that came to me, and it was the best name I feel like. It’s something that just translates man.”

Near the end of the interview, Big Sean detailed his recent engagement to television actress Naya Rivera. “It feels crazy to be engaged, it’s easy though, it’s one of the easiest things I’ve done,” he said. “Naya, is just, who wouldn’t be engaged to her, she’s just cool. We’re learning about each other, sometimes we have problems, just like everybody, but we always work it out. I feel like love conquers all, so we just young and living.”

Big Sean features on Rick Ross’ upcoming sixth studio album, Mastermind. Sean, who has collaborated with Ross previously, appears on the Kanye West and DJ Mustard produced track “Sanctified.”

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