Talk of a reunion between the members of Dipset has been a topic of conversation for years and despite the promise of a reunion album from the group, such a project has yet to come to fruition. But according to Harlem rapper Jim Jones, members of Dipset have been in the studio together and the wait for a reunion album shouldn’t take much longer.

Jones briefly addressed the possibility of a new Dipset album while speaking with Miss Info backstage at the Mark McNairy fashion show for New York Fashion Week. He says he recently missed out on an opportunity to join Cam’ron, who unveiled his new line of capes at McNairy’s fashion show, in the studio.

“Always,” Jones said when asked about a reunion album. “Actually, I kinda fucked up yesterday cause Cam told me to come to his house to do some music yesterday, but I hit him like four in the morning on my vampire shit. I think he had to get some rest to get here this morning.”

The Vampire Life creator revealed that he’s also been in the studio with fellow Dipset member Juelz Santana.

“Me and Juelz was—I was in the studio with Juelz yesterday actually before I was about to go to the studio with Cam,” he said. “So, it works. There’s hope. You can check us out. We in tuned. It’s going down. I feel good about it. The wait is not long. Trust me.”

Aside from Jones’ comments this week, Cam’ron serves as one of the most recent Dipset members to discuss a Dipset reunion. While speaking with MTV last year, Cam stressed the importance of creating an album that is genuine.

“When we did Diplomats music it was all genuine,” he said. “I think that’s why people love it so much, because they seen a group of kids from Harlem that had almost nothing come up to be platinum-selling artists and people rode that wave with us. So, that’s the one thing that we don’t want to do, is make it watered down or it’s not genuine.”

Similar to the other members of Dipset, Cam’ron has embarked on his own solo projects over the past few years. His latest project is a line of capes, which he first hinted at at the top of the year and showcased during McNairy’s fashion show this week.

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