Ice Cube recently spoke about his perspective on Kanye West, who celebrated the tenth anniversary of his The College Dropout debut album February 10. 

“I think he carved out his own niche in Hip Hop,” Ice Cube says in an interview with REVOLT. “I think the style that he started, which a lot of us called it backpack rappin’, it was underground. Kanye kind of brought it, to me, to a level where it was just as respected as any kind of Rap. He brought it from the underground and made it – not mainstream-mainstream, but mainstream Rap where it could hold its own up against Gangsta Rap, up against the Native Tongues, up against whatever style you want to talk about. I just think Kanye was the start of that niche right there.”

During the interview, Ice Cube also updated the status of the upcoming N.W.A biopic. 

“The N.W.A movie is in full effect,” Cube said in an interview with Revolt. “We got F. Gary Gray directing, me and Dr. Dre producing, and Eazy-E’s estate on board. It’s gonna be on Universal Pictures. It’s time to tell the story of the world’s most dangerous group.” 

In April 2013, Cube spoke about the N.W.A biopic. “[We talk] every now and then,” Cube said at the time. “We’re trying to put this N.W.A movie together. This is the real one.”

Cube has spoken about the film regarding the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Dangerous Group” for years, but Cube’s work in motion pictures extends beyond the biopic, including his recent co-starring role in Ride Along. During his REVOLT interview, Cube explained why he began working in movies. 

“When rappers first started getting into movies, they started to say that [rappers] were taking jobs away from actors,” Cube says. “But, I wanted to be a person who gave jobs to people. Pass it along like somebody did to me.” 

Cube says he is continuing to work on his upcoming album Everythangs Corrupt, which is set to be an independent release through his Lench Mob Records imprint. 

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