During the latest installment of Cipha Sounds Presents Take It Personal, the show’s host, Cipha Sounds, took time to share a brief story involving the late Big Pun on the 14th anniversary of the Bronx rapper’s death.

Joined by N.O.R.E. and Ja Rule, who were asked to share their own stories of Pun, Cipha was the first to offer his story about the Puerto Rican emcee. According to Cipha, while at the Flamingo Club in Manhattan, he came across a rather persistent Pun when the rapper offered him a shot of Hennessy.

“I don’t drink alcohol,” Cipha said. “A little once in a while, but the first time I ever drank Hennessy—actually the only time I ever drank Hennessy, I’m in a club. Remember the Flamingo Club on 21st Street? So, I’m by the bar. I’m ordering a water or something and Pun comes over and he’s like ‘Yo, two shots. Two shots of Hennessy.’ And I was like ‘Oh nah, no thanks Pun. I don’t drink.’ And he was like ‘Son, I bought you a shot of Hennessy. You gonna drink it.’”

After again turning down a shot of Hennessy from Pun, Cipha says his encounter with the rapper took a drastic turn when a gun was pulled.

“I was like ‘Pun, thank you. I don’t drink.’ Pulls out a .45, cocked it, put it in my gut,” he said. “And I didn’t even have a gun back then, I was scared. Put it in my gut and was like the exact same line, the same way ‘Son, I bought you a shot of Hennessy.’ I was like ‘Thanks.’ And then he sent two more.”

Cipha Sounds joins a handful of Hip Hop personalities who have recently shared their stories of rappers resorting to pulling guns on them in the past.

During a VladTV’s True Hip Hop Stories segment last year, Power 105.1’s DJ Envy detalied the story of how Nas pulled a gun on him when he approached the rapper after an event at Nassau Coliseum. DJ Whoo Kid also shared the story of a Hip Hop act pulling a gun on him as he spoke with Nah Right last year about an incident involving Atlanta wordsmith T.I.

“So [my videographer] Dan The Man is chilling, getting the lighting set up. T.I. comes up in the hotel room without letting me know, because I was in the bathroom taking a shit,” DJ Whoo Kid said. “But we had the door open, because we’re waiting for the managers and everybody to come. So T.I. opens the door and I’m coming out of the bathroom, but he sees the plastic on the floor and the bed is flipped over and he’s thinking it’s a setup, like, ‘They’re gonna kill me.’ So he [pulls out a gun], and I’m like, ‘Ah!’ And his manager is like, ‘Yo, what are you doing? It’s Whoo Kid! This is for the video!’”

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