Recently, Dom Kennedy embarked on a tour in support of his latest album, Get Home Safely. In an interview with TheNEHipHop, Dom discussed the project’s reception.

“The reception of the album has been great, man,” Kennedy said. “It’s been exactly what I expected. I’m happy that it’s been consistently selling, and been consistently talked-about since it came out… We in late January, and we now just starting to tour, and the shows, the first three shows, have been really great. The energy from the fans has been exactly what I hoped for and what I wished for when I was creating Get Home Safely.”

Kennedy was asked about whether he has trouble coming up with inspiration. “Not really, because I try to wait ’til something inspirational hits me, and not just talk because I got a microphone and Pro Tools,” he said. “I try to wait for something. For a song, for a beat, for a melody, ’til I meet somebody, ’til I hear about something that’s worthy of me making a song about it.”

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Finally, Kennedy addressed the possibility of signing to a major label. “I’m from OpM,” Dom said. “We’ve been independent this whole time. I started that company in 2009, 2010… I created that company out of necessity. The more successful I became, the more I learned, and I started helping other people. …I don’t know. From the beginning and right now, a label could provide mass marketing. Obviously, my success rate, with people who hear my music is probably high, but then it’s that other side of getting to [other fans]. I don’t know. It’s all a money thing, really.”

Watch the interview below:

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