In the eyes of many, the Digable Planets have two certifiable classics in their catalog; “Reachin’” and “Blowout Comb.” Unfortunately, those are the only two albums they ever released. The trio broke up soon after the release of their ’94 album.

With their combination of hip-hop, jazz and thoughtful lyrics, the Digable Planets were a big part of the Native Tongue influence without being members of the family. Their classic single “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” help earn them a Grammy for Best Duo or Group – a first ever in hip-hop.

After ten years and multiple careers for each of them, Doodlebug, Ladybug Mecca, and Butterfly have reunited to the pleasure of many. With conscious, progressive hip-hop slowly making a dent in the commercial game it is great timing for the threesome to stake their claim once again.