Action Bronson shoved a security guard after lighting what appeared to be two joints during a concert in Portland, Oregon Monday (February 3), according to The Oregonian. 

Bronson lit what appeared to be a joint onstage and he threw it into the crowd. He then seemed to light a second joint. A security guard reached for the object from behind Bronson. The security guard’s right arm appeared to wrap around Bronson’s neck and Bronson turned around to shove the security guard. The security guard fell to the ground after a second shove from Bronson. 

During a recent concert, Bronson had another onstage confrontation. A person walked on the stage where Bronson was performing and Action picked the man up and threw him back into the crowd. Bronson posted the footage on his Twitter account and said it was “epic” on Twitter.

An Instagram video of the incident can be found below, followed by a YouTube clip of the event and a YouTube clip of him throwing a fan back into the crowd.  

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