Following the release of 2012’s welcome to: Our House, Shady Records’ own Slaughterhouse is gearing up for the release of their third studio album, Glass House. According to Slaughterhouse emcee Joe Budden, the album is slated for release either late spring or early summer.

In addition to revealing an approximate release date for the album, Budden shared a few other details about the LP during a recent interview. While speaking with Hip Hop Since 1987, Budden spoke on Shady Records helmsman Eminem’s involvement on the project. He says Em played a limited role on the album due to the fact that he was working on an album of his own.

“Well, this time around he was also working on his album while we were working on our album,” Budden said. “So, he hasn’t gotten a chance or the opportunity to be as involved as he was last time, but he still gives suggestions. He still lends his input via phone or still communicates as much as he can, however he can.”

Budden, who currently serves as a star on the VH1 reality series “Love & Hip Hop,” referred to Slaughterhouse’s upcoming album as a “transparent” project that is the group’s “most personal” album to date. And although he commented on Just Blaze executive producing Glass House, he remained tight-lipped about artist features and producers on his next solo project, All Love Lost.

“We locked in with Just Blaze who is executive producing Slaughterhouse’s third studio album called Glass House coming late spring, early summer on Shady/Interscope Records,” the Slaughterhouse rapper said. “The album is called Glass House because it’s extremely transparent, a very personal—by far our most personal body of work to date. I can’t wait for the fans to hear it. I have simultaneously been working on my next solo project, which is called All Love Lost.

“I’m not telling anything. It’s too soon. It’s too premature,” he added. “We’re gonna keep the features at a bare minimum. The production, we’ll get into that closer to the day. But for songs that we have recorded so far, I’m extremely pleased with and I’m not going to put the album out until I’m happy with it. Like I’m really trying to take my time [with this one] and really make the album I know I’m capable of making.”

In addition to speaking on the transparency of Glass House during his interview with Hip Hop Since 1987, in a post made via Twitter this month, Budden stated that the album will boast “a real Budden-esque undertone.”

“Not to take credit at all, but I feel like the new Slaughterhouse album has a real Budden-esque undertone,” Budden said in a tweet made on January 13.

Budden’s solo album, All Love Lost, will serve as a follow up to the New Jersey wordsmith’s No Love Lost project. Released last February, the album included guest appearance from Lil Wayne, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and numerous other artists.

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