Kanye West has reached a settlement with the 18-year-old male he allegedly assaulted January 13 in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s office, TMZ says.

West is reportedly paying the alleged victim more than $250,000, which will settle the potential civil case against West. TMZ also says that the alleged victim no longer wants to pursue a criminal case against West.

The district attorney’s office, however, has not decided whether or not to charge the rapper with battery, though it seems unlikely because the alleged victim would likely not be cooperating and because the alleged victim reportedly used racial epithets prior to the alleged assault, TMZ reports.

Kanye West’s fiance Kim Kardashian was in a medical office building January 13 when she was approached by paparazzi and the 18-year-old allegedly said to Kardashian, “Fuck these faggot-ass niggers,” regarding the paparazzi, tmz.com says

When Kardashian told the 18-year-old that it was inappropriate for him to use the n-word, he replied, “Fuck you, bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up nigger lover, stupid slut,” tmz.com’s story says.

Kardashian, who was alone at the time, let the 18-year-old walk into an office. Kanye West arrived soon thereafter and located the 18-year-old in the waiting room of chiropractor Richard Hill. Kanye West then allegedly punched the alleged victim more than 30 times.

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