According to an article published by the music magazine Billboard, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have beat out the rest of their celebrity peers for the less-than-desirable honor of being named worst hypothetical neighbors of 2013.

Billboard’s article points to the real estate publication Zillow as a source for the information which stems from a yearly survey asking participants what celebrities they’d like to live near least. Repeating their high marks in the same survey and category for a second year in a row, Kanye and Kim eclipsed their 2012 placement at #2 on the list this year. 

As per Billboard’s article, Zillow—an online database of real estate listings and analysis—released a corresponding explanation of the results via the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With more than one-third of surveyed Americans preferring a non-celebrity neighbor,” the CMO wrote, “what remains clear is that many people don’t want to live next to any celebrity, regardless of why they are famous.” The survey also yielded data that less than five percent of those surveyed expressed any desirability in being a neighbor to the married couple of Kanye and Kim while a whopping 25% shared the sentiment of the couple as the worst possible neighbors.

Other names on Zillow’s list—the seventh of its kind for the website—include professional baseball player and former anabolic steroid user Alex Rodriguez and last year’s list-toppers the cast of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” Late Night host and comedian Jimmy Fallon led the list in the opposite category of the best hypothetical neighbor.

Surveyed Americans agreed generally that neighbors that “[have] cameras following them everywhere” were less than enticing, again, according to Zillow’s CMO Amy Bohutinksy.

The couple’s appearance on the list marks the end of a tumultuous year with paparazzi for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who consistently made headlines for their now infamous interactions with photographers. Beyond the headlines, West’s publicized run-ins with paparazzi resulted in formal legal charges against the rapper; namely, a photographer pressed charges for injuries and property damages stemming from a July 19 altercation at LAX airport. Earlier this year West’s string of publicized confrontations with paparazzi was set off by his lashing out at photographers following him after he walked into a street sign.

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