Rap music personalities such as Jay Z and Questlove have written books recently and now green-label.com has crafted a list of “Books By Rappers We Would Read.”

“What if rappers sat down and wrote more than autobiographies?” the green-label.com story says. “What if hip-hop artists took their expertise and applied it to writing a book about more than just their lives? The following is a collection of artists whose books, whether they are a how-to guide or a cookbook — with one autobiography as an exception — we would definitely pick up off the shelves.”

Childish Gambino and Action Bronson are among the Rappers green-label.com says it would like to write books. Also on the list is Chance The Rapper, whom the site would like to see pen a book called Chance The Rapper’s Guide To Starting An Independent Grassroots Music Movement.  

For the complete list of “Books By Rappers We Would Read,” visit Green Label.