Although talks had begun for Mase to join the Usher and Kanye West “Truth Tour” hip-hop heads won’t catch Mase spreading his message during their show. According to MTV, Mase said the “powers that be” stopped him from joining the tour although Kanye wanted him too. “Everybody’s been hating on me”, he said. “I gotta tell the truth. For five years they say, ‘We want you to come back’. I’m back and now they hating on me. But I learned something: The same people you see going up, you see going down”.

Even though that tour idea has been scrapped for him, Mase will be headlining his first official concert since coming back on September 25th at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY. With appearances on remix track’s with the Terror Squad and Kanye West, Mase isn’t losing sight of what he says is his ultimate goal. “My ultimate goal would be for MT to give me an hour or 30 minutes live on like a New Year’s drop the ball thing. Most people have never seen me in that light. Everybody wants to see, but they don’t want to come to church. I came to do something that’s never been done. What better place than to do it on MTV?”