Jay Z and Beyonce appear on the cover of Billboard’s Power 100 issue, which features the couple at the top of its list. The piece focuses on people in the music industry who create an impact with their work.

“What is power?” Billboard says in an article about the couple. “At its base, it’s the ability to reshape the world around you according to your vision. And who in the music industry did so better in the last year than this power couple? 

“Leveraging their star power to release new albums in unprecedented ways—Jay Z through Samsung and Beyonce through iTunes—they instantly changed how the industry and fans thought about interacting with music,” Billboard continues. “He gave his album away; she charged a premium price for hers. But they both used the element of surprise to restore the excitement that used to accompany a new release, before that impact was dulled by the endless thunder of carefully plotted promotion…In short, they proved that content truly is king. Or, in this case, king and queen.” 

Beyonce and Jay Z were also at the top of Forbes’ highest-earning celebrity couples list last year. In 2013, Jay Z and Beyonce combined to make more money than any other couple in the entertainment industry with an estimated $95 million in earnings over the the course of a year, according to Forbes. The report measured the earnings of celebrity couples from June 2012 through June 2013.  

The couple tops the Billboard Power list, which also includes Jimmy Iovine and L.A. Reid. The cover and the Top 10 from the list can be found below via Billboard.  

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