Several months ago, Ray J released a diss track towards Kanye West titled “I Hit It First.” The song’s title referred to the fact that Ray J used to date, and had slept with, Kanye’s now-fiance Kim Kardashian.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Lord Jamar decided to add to that discussion when he was asked about his opinion on Kanye West telling President Obama to not address Kim Kardashian.

“That’s just the ramblings of an egotistical piece of shit,” said Jamar dismissively. That’s what this whole shit started as. When I talked about Kanye in his skirt, my real objective was to speak on ego, and how ego can make someone so power drunk, and make them feel that they can do whatever the fuck they want to do. ‘I could put on a skirt, and y’all motherfuckers gonna ride with me ’cause I’m the shit.’ And I’m telling you, ‘No, motherfucker, we’re not gonna ride with that bullshit, and that you need to quell your fucking ego.”

Former radio personality Star of Star and Buc Wild, who was also present for the interview, commented that Kanye “wifed Ray J’s leftovers,” which led Jamar to add, “And [Ray J] made a song about it! …What kind of sucker shit is that? …He felt so non-threatened by you that he said, ‘You know what? I’ma make a song about this shit, about this, I hit it first. Fuck this dude, fuck this bitch, I hit it first. And y’all seen that I hit it first!'”

Watch the interview below:

Though Jamar has been going at Kanye for months at this point, he recently called Kanye a pioneer of a “feminine, emasculated style that’s trying to infiltrate Hip Hop.”

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