Freddie Gibbs says that he is not looking for handouts from Jeezy, to whom he was signed. 

“I never ask any of these niggas for a damn thing, my nigga,” Freddie Gibbs says during an interview with “Don’t get that twisted. I’m not one of these niggas asking these niggas for no favors or anything. I never took nothing from nobody. I never took a dollar from Jeezy. I just told you, I was in the streets. I never took nothing from nobody. I never asked a nigga for a handout. Nobody. That ain’t my style. That ain’t my get down. It’s just like these niggas are weirdos.” 

Freddie Gibbs then referred to a Pimp C interview from 2007, when the late rapper dissed the then-Young Jeezy on radio station Hot 107.9. Young Jeezy had built himself up as a rapper by, among other things, referring to himself as the Snowman. 

“Everybody just talking about how many chains they got on and how much dope they sold,” Pimp C said during the Hot 107.9 interview. “But the truth of the matter is this: I don’t believe you. ‘Cause I know you dudes and I know you didn’t sell no dope.”

“I feel like Pimp C,” Freddie Gibbs says during the interview. “The way Pimp C felt about these niggas, that’s how I feel about him. He wasn’t barking for nothing. That shit is real. He got ridiculed for saying how he felt and it’s sad that he had to die after that. Motherfuckers always want to tell you now how you feel when it’s negative towards somebody that everybody love. ‘Man, I love him. He can’t be like…’ Man, fuck that. I don’t love that motherfucker like you. Love don’t live here no more.”

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