Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller has already revealed that he’s currently working on four albums and now the former Rostrum Records emcee says he plans on taking the D.A.D.D. (Do As Drake Does) approach with his projects this year.

During an interview with WiLD 94.9’s WiLD JAM, Miller gave credit to Drake for putting “the game on lock” with the way in which he releases his music. According to the Pittsburgh lyricist, Drake is able to put forth a subtle rollout when his projects surface and is still able to sell records since he puts out good music.

“This is the name of the game for 2014, D.A.D.D. Do as Drake does,” Miller said. “Because Drake had the game on lock. If you wanna watch how anyone releases music and puts out an album, watch Drake…But someone like Drake what I like about how Drake puts out his albums, this isn’t a diss to anyone, because—Like I’ve done a cool like, ‘Here’s my album rollout.’ And it’s like a thing. But what I like about how Drake does it is he just lets the music do it. He doesn’t like do anything that’s crazy, a spectacle. He doesn’t go for the top he’s just like, ‘Oh, here’s my single. Oh, here’s my songs.’ Just like how it’s been done for years and years and years, but the music is so good that it sells his album. So, I’m just D.A.D.D. Do as Drake does.”

In addition to Drake, Miller also gave props to both Beyonce and Jay Z for the projects they released last year. He commented on both artists releasing albums out of their passion for music and not for sales or money.

“You gotta understand like that’s amazing. She’s a queen,” he said. “I tweeted the shit. When I was tweeting the word ‘Beyonce’ it autocorrected my ‘e’ and put the accent up there like ‘You better know there’s an accent on this ‘e’. It ain’t Beyonce, it’s Beyoncé’…So, Beyonce she’s the queen, right? There’s certain people that are on that level. Beyonce gon’ drop an album and to be real it’s doper for her to do it like that. Because if she did a real album cycle—like she’s a mom. She out here. She the queen already. So, for her to do something like that that’s dope. Cause what they’re showing; what her and Jay are showing is that it’s less about a record sale or money for them. It’s about passion. They wanna put out a good album. That Beyonce album is awesome.”

Although release dates or any other specifics have yet to be revealed, Mac Miller currently has four albums he’s working on for 2014. He shared the news while speaking with MTV at the top of the month.

“I have four albums done right now,” Miller said. “Not done, but four albums that are—that have a foundation and that have at least seven songs to each of ‘em.”

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