Drake is unquestionably a polarizing figure in Hip Hop, drawing praise, as well as ire, from his peers.

In an interview on Vlad TV, Battle Rap emcee Daylyt provided his perspective on Drizzy. “I like Drake,” he said. “I like Drake a lot. He was supposed to be at the last [King of the Dot] event… He would’ve actually gotten to witness what I did. …He couldn’t make it because of the [MTV] VMAs. I fuck with Drake. I actually like his music a lot, a whole lot.

“A lot of people is like, ‘He too bitchy, he sing a lot,’ …I don’t think so,” Daylyt added. “I like it. What’s the name of his single? ‘Just Hold On.’ Alright. With that song alone, that let me know that he’s here to stay for a long time. That’s in the Michael Jacksons and all that shit. That song is in that area, and rappers don’t get shit like that. As a rapper, you don’t get them type of songs that go into that field. I’m a real nigga, and I find myself singing that shit.”

When asked whether he though Drake could succeed in a battle setting, Daylyt pointed to Drake’s mannerisms as the biggest issue. “Now, there’s elements to this Battle Rap shit,” he said. “Drake, indeed, he sounds very appealing behind the booth, behind the Pro Tools. Battling, there’s a lot of things that play a factor in battling. Your arm movement, your body language. I’ve seen Drake, a couple of Drake interviews, of just his body language. I watch his body language, and I notice a few things about Drake. Drake my boy, don’t be offended when I say this, but you know, last interview I seen from Drake… I was like, ‘Ooh, Drake, that don’t look too mannish.'”

Ultimately, Daylyt believes that Drake’s acting chops could serve him well in the Battle Rap ring. “But, Drake in the ring? I don’t know. I don’t know. He’s an actor. People don’t remember this. The guy is an actor. The nigga played [a person] in a wheelchair… This man is an actor. So if he can fake being in a wheelchair… then he can go through some training to learn how to battle. Easily.”

In August 2013, Drake was meant to attend King of the Dot’s “World Domination 4.” He was unable to attend due to an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. He made a YouTube video addressing the Battle Rap event.

“It’s killing me that I’m stuck in New York right now, rehearsing for VMAs,” Drake said in the clip. “I’ve been watching the pay-per-view on live stream. Me and Organik spent so much time going back-and-forth on the phone trying to piece these battles together. Some of these battles are like dream battles that I wish I was there to see in person.” 

Watch the interview below:

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