French Montana recently spoke about some of his dreams coming true. In an interview with Complex, Montana says one of those dreams includes having a pet monkey, “like Michael Jackson.” In the article, Montana speaks about what he does for the pet monkey, whose name is Julius Ceasor. 

“Sometimes I change his diaper,” Montana says. “He’s like my son. He sleeps in the bed, but he a little bad sometimes. You gotta teach him some manners.” 

In the interview, Montana says it isn’t the only dream of his that is becoming a reality. 

“I just bought my first $5 million house,” Montana says. “Everything happening for me, man. My dream coming true. I got monkeys like Michael Jackson.” 

Michael Jackson had a monkey, Bubbles, who sometimes accompanied him to award shows. In the interview, Montana says he is going to take Ceasor to the Grammys. 

Yesterday (January 9) it was reported that Montana is slated to work on an upcoming Kanye West project. 

“We’re supposed to be working on a couple of songs together for his album,” Montana says of West in a Rolling Stone interview. “He got a special project coming out.” 

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