Drumma Boy has had an extensive production career, crafting beats for the likes of Kanye West, 2 Chainz, T.I., and others.

Recently, Drumma Boy took time to speak to a group of teens about achieving their dreams, an event which was chronicled on hooplaha.com.

“At the age of 15, 16, I knew my purpose on Earth,” said Drumma Boy in the interview portion of the video. “I think that’s what makes me so dangerous, is understanding my purpose, understanding exactly what and how I’m going to spend my time on Earth.”

Drumma Boy expounded upon the importance of having dreams. “I’m always open to giving that message to the next generation,” he said. “A kid without a dream is the worst kid. It’s very important what advice you give them. That’s why I try to give them the truth.”

Finally, the Memphis, Tennessee producer sat down and spoke directly to a group of teens. “And a lot of times, people think they gonna get what they deserve just out of putting nine-to-five in,” said Drumma Boy to the children. “Or putting that eight hours in, or putting that 10 hours in. ‘Oh, I did overtime today, I deserve…’ Man, overtime ain’t nothin’ in this game. You gotta do or die. You know how many times I don’t go to the club? ‘Nah, I’m straight. Nah, I’m cool.’ I was the dude watching everybody go out to the club for like six, seven years straight. You gotta be able to do things that you don’t want to do.”

Watch the interview below:

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