MC Serch, once known mainly as a member of 3rd Bass, has launched a television talk show. The program, Serch, is meant to help people with conflicts, according to the former emcee. In the debut show’s introduction, Serch speaks about why he decided to launch this program.

“I was raised by my parents, but later grew up in the streets,” MC Serch says. “Streets taught me about instinct, survival and finding hope when all you saw was hopelessness. My family instilled in me values like have integrity over everything, help others even when you can’t help yourself and always, always keep it real. That helped me survive when I started my Rap career. They called me Serch because I was always looking for the answers. I want to do this show because I want to help people sort out through their conflict and get back on their grind in a greater state of mind.” 

In the show’s intro, Serch also speaks about how his success in Hip Hop has helped him launch a new career as a talk show host. 

“I became a Hip Hop star,” he says. “Gold records and world tours. Then hit the radio in Detroit and helped real people solve real problems. My kids and my wife are my world and I believe our world can do better. I know what’s right. I know what’s wrong and I will let you know the difference.” 

Serch can be seen in select markets for now, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami. The program’s executive producer, according to TV Media Insights, is ABC News veteran Ethan Nelson.

3rd Bass released its official debut album The Cactus Album in 1989, a collection that was unveiled through Def Jam Recordings and Columbia. MC Serch released his solo album, Return of the Product, in 1992 via Def Jam Recordings. Serch is also credited as an early mentor to Nas

In the early 2000s, Serch was the host of Ego Trip’s (White) Rapper Show, a program that aired on VH1.  

The debut episode of the program can be seen below. 

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