Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks are set to reunite for Shark Week, a new album by the duo, due out soon, according to Inglish. 

Inglish made this announcement via Twitter. Tyler, The Creator asked for a confirmation via Twitter and Inglish clarified. 

In his Twitter posts, Inglish called The Cool Kids’ hiatus a “timeout.” The duo has not had a full-length studio album since 2011 when they released When Fish Ride Bicycles, a project that features production from Travis Barker and The Neptunes. 

HipHopDX gave When Fish Ride Bicycles a 3.5 out of 5 rating. 

“Despite losing the laser-like focus of their earlier mixtapes, When Fish Ride Bicycles is a fun, well-made album that brings several welcome additions to their catalogue,” HipHopDX said at the time of the review. “The duo still needs to strike the right balance between branching out and trusting their instincts, but if The Cool Kids are trying to leave the past behind, their “debut” does indicate promise for their future.”

Inglish’s Twitter updates can be found below.

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